Need to Green Your Masjid Iftars? Print and Share a Zero-Trash Iftar Kit Flyer.

You’ve got your Zero-Trash Iftar Kit. You know people are going to be giving you funny looks at iftar as you are served biryani and chana masala on a stainless steel food tray. Make the best of it and hand them a flyer about Green Ramadan’s Zero-Trash Iftar Kits to help educate your masjid community.

Download and share a Zero-Trash Iftar Kit Flyer in color and black & white.


4 thoughts on “Need to Green Your Masjid Iftars? Print and Share a Zero-Trash Iftar Kit Flyer.

  1. As-salamu`alaykum, peace be with you,

    This is a very good kit which no doubt whole families should invest in. We had a minimum waste Iftar meal in Ramadan last year and something like this would have been great for the children.

    I hope you’re successful!

    Zaufishan, UK

  2. Assalam alaykum, I love this- I have a homemade version that I have been using for our family of 6 but think it is great that you have put it together in a matching and stylish way. In sha Allah, hope to crosspost some of your green Ramadan tips on the Make your Deen Green column on Muslimmatters.

    Ramadan Mubarak!

    • Ramadan Mubarak, Hena, and thanks for your comment. I’d love to see what your homemade version looks like. Send me a pic. I consider mine homemade, too, because it’s exactly what I used for my family last Ramadan. I’d feel honored if you crosspost Green Ramadan’s tips. Thanks!

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