Green Ramandan’s Zero-Trash Iftar Kit: When to use it and what to do with it when you’re done eating.

Commenter Candid Candis had such great questions I thought I’d share:

ASA! first, I commend you! wow. great idea. For clarity, is the idea to provide this when hosting an iftar, or bring it with you when you are a guest? Seems like the latter (which really helps take the burden off the host, especially if it’s a masjid or other org). Lastly, I’m worried about clean up. What do u recommend as far as not ending up with a bag of sticky smelly dishes to carry around the rest of the night? What did u do?
Great job coming up with this. Well done.

ZeroTrashIftarKit400wa alaikum as salaaam Candid Candis! Those are some great questions. Here’s how my family used it:

When to use it: We took our iftar kits to community iftars at the masjid or someone’s home. It’s a good idea to give the hosts or food servers a heads-up on your intentions so there will be no hard feelings or drama.

Portion control: Part of having a Green Ramadan is to eat responsibly, so portion-control is a must. When we shop on an empty stomach we tend to get more that we need. Same goes for iftar. We had to be hyper-conscious of that when self-serving.

Scrape & Rinse: After eating our food, we’d usually scrape off what cannot go down the drain into a trash or compost bin, then give everything a quick rinse in the sink. The quick-rinsed dinnerware stays in the bag until we go home.

Wash & Repeat: At home, we put everything in the dishwasher. Usually at the end of the week we throw the napkins in the laundry and wipe the non-porous bag out with a sponge. Thanks for your questions and encouragement.

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