10 Ways to Green Your Ramadan: Go Vegetarian

vegetablesBonAppetit#3 Go Vegetarian. Vegetables and fruits are always zabiha. At the least, reduce the amount of meat served. High meat consumption is one of the largest contributors to global warming. If you must have meat, have only one meat dish, use meat sparingly as a garnish, or save meat for the weekends. In addition, use meat that is not only halal, but organic. When serving seafood, make sure it is sustainably grown. Having at least one vegetarian iftar a week is better for our health and the planet.

Wherever you find yourself having iftar this Ramadan share with others, through words and actions, how Green Ramadans are better for our planet. Have a goal of making each iftar a zero-waste event.

“The faithful servants of the Beneficent
are those who walk upon the earth gently…”

(Surah Al Furqan 25:63)

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