[INFOGRAPHIC] 10 Tips to Green Ramadan at the Masjid

We can make individual efforts by bring our own Zero-Trash Iftar Kits to community iftars, but our masajid/mosques also need to make systemic changes during Ramadan to proactively minimize waste and encourage a community-wide effort.

This infographic highlights 10 easy ways your masjid, Ramadan committee, or Green Team can make masjid iftars more sustainable this Ramadan and all year long.

10 Tips to a Green Ramadan at the Masjid

Green Muslims Ramadan Toolkit Helps Muslims Develop Sustainable Habits Throughout the Month of Ramadan

Photo by Cass Kos - National Geographic Magazine

Photo by Cass Kos – National Geographic Magazine

If you’re looking to get serious about becoming a Green Muslim one day at a time, or you need relevant information for a community presentation or khutba, Green Muslims‘s Ramadan Toolkit provides daily spiritual insights and practical tips on how to create sustainable habits that will pave a rewarding path to the next Ramadan, inshaAllah.

Download the Green Muslims Ramadan Toolkit.

10 Ways to Green Your Ramadan: Make Recycling Easy

Badge - recycle logo#7 Make Recycling Easy. Make bins to sort trash visible and readily available. Make an announcement, post signs, and have “recycling ambassadors” make sure items go in the proper bin. Have one bin for food waste that can be taken to a compost bin; the second for recyclables such as glass and aluminum cans; and the third for regular trash.

Wherever you find yourself having iftar this Ramadan share with others, through words and actions, how Green Ramadans are better for our planet. Have a goal of making each iftar a zero-waste event.

“The faithful servants of the Beneficent
are those who walk upon the earth gently…”

(Surah Al Furqan 25:63)