Reuseit Roll Up Bamboo Utensils and Placemat

Love this bamboo utensil and placemat set from ReUseIt. Add a break-resistant cup and plate from home and you’ve got yourself a zero-trash iftar and a Green Ramadan.


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[INFOGRAPHIC] 10 Tips to Green Ramadan at the Masjid

We can make individual efforts by bring our own Zero-Trash Iftar Kits to community iftars, but our masajid/mosques also need to make systemic changes during Ramadan to proactively minimize waste and encourage a community-wide effort.

This infographic highlights 10 easy ways your masjid, Ramadan committee, or Green Team can make masjid iftars more sustainable this Ramadan and all year long.

10 Tips to a Green Ramadan at the Masjid