BYO Cutlery for Iftar This Ramadan

Six million tons of non-durable plastics are discarded every year [1]! Bring your own utensils to iftar this Ramadan. This bamboo cutlery set comes with a fork, knife, spoon and can be stored for easy portability in a washable carrying case.



Eat Your Spoon This Ramadan

Here’s a unique and eco-friendly way to give charity this Ramadan. Buy 100 edible spoons from Bakeys for less than US$5 and give them away at an iftar at your local masjid. They come in three flavors: plain, sweet and savory.

Bring Iftar Leftovers Home for Sahoor in a Collapsible Meal Kit

Want to bring home iftar leftovers to eat for sahoor? That’s a smart way to make more time for prayer & worship during Ramadan and spend less time cooking.

I like to use this BPA-free silicone collapsible meal kit from Smart Planet. It has three compartments and comes with a reusable spork that stores in the lid. This reusable meal kit is more eco-friendly than food sandwiched between styrofoam plates and wrapped in aluminum foil.

Eat your iftar in it and bring leftovers home. It’s a Green Ramadan win-win!