What is a Green Ramadan?

A Green Ramadan is an opportunity to remember and respect our planet which, through the grace of Allah, provides us with the sustenance with which we nourish our bodies and community spirit during a month of fasting. Interacting mindfully with our environment is simply a manifestation of faith. As we refrain from food and drink this blessed Ramadan, let us reaffirm our sense of self-restraint and accountability to the Creator, the Provider of Sustenance.

Over the next few weeks on GreenRamadan.com you’ll find 10 ways to green your Ramadan, ranging from the spiritual to the practical.

What ways do you keep your Ramadan green in your homes, masajid and communities?


4 thoughts on “What is a Green Ramadan?

  1. I am so proud of the site. I have talked to a couple of communities about this very topic. So please keep up the beautiful work for ALLAH SWT.

    • mashaAllah! Thanks for your comment and encouragement Latifa. Keep talking to your communities. InshaAllah, they will eventually truly hear the message and take the necessary actions to get green.

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