10 Ways to Green Your Ramadan: Encourage Guests to Travel Green

#5 Encourage Guests to Travel Green. Give door-prizes or party favors to those who carpool, use public transportation, bike or walk to the iftar. Green gifts like the Green Deen book; a cup of fair-trade, organic coffee from a local coffee shop; freshly baked cookies made from organic flour and rainforest-friendly chocolate; or cloth shopping bags are inexpensive but sustainable ways to make the reward for living gently on the earth more immediate.


Wherever you find yourself having iftar this Ramadan share with others, through words and actions, how Green Ramadans are better for our planet. Have a goal of making each iftar a zero-waste event.

“The faithful servants of the Beneficent
are those who walk upon the earth gently…”

(Surah Al Furqan 25:63)

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